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Here at Sabre Electrical Industries, we’re proud of the fact that we’ve been providing some of the best and most consistent commercial electricians Brisbane has to offer. With over 20 years of in-depth practical industry experience, we’re certain that we can provide the most holistic solutions to your business needs, whatever they are. Having serviced specifically the Brisbane and Gold Coast areas since 2006, we’ve built a long-standing reputation with local businesses within the area and have become the go-to solution for many throughout the east coast.

So, what makes Sabre Electrical Industries stand out from the crowd? Well, unlike many of our competitors, we specialize in the field of commercial food process packaging and anything to do with commercial automation. We aren’t just a family of commercial electricians, we luckily also sport qualified mechanical tradesman, truly making us the comprehensive commercial electricians in Brisbane and the Gold Coast areas. There’s no Commercial Electrician job that we can’t do!

So, what specific services do we provide? For factory and commercial premises, we provide a wide array of generalized services such as:

Regular Maintenance of Factory Machinery:

Whatever commercial machinery you own, we’ll make sure that it’s all working in perfect order and report/fix anything that’s not. Keeping your business up and running is a priority for us, so we do our best to prevent any downtime.

Emergency Breakdown Servicing:

Every now and then some emergencies happen, but rest assured, were there to get things back to order and get your business running again.

Machinery Installation:

When the time comes to install some new bit of commercial machinery, we can go the entire process of installing the new machinery and making sure that it functions correctly.

Fault Finding:

One of the services that we provide is a comprehensive fault finding or troubleshooting service where we use a comprehensive step by step process to look at any affected machinery and slowly work our way to the fault that needs to be fixed.

Emergency Shift Fill:

If you’re ever running short on staff and require one of our professionals to help out with the workload and ensure that the commercial electrical equipment and the mechanical components are kept up and running.

Staff Sick Leave & High Work Loads:

 SImilar to the service that we listed prior, we provide help in times when you need it most. We know just how hectic things can become in a short period of time, so make our tradespeople available when the times get tough and the workload is piling on. At the same time, we make sure that the sick season is staved off when it reaches the doors of your premises.

For the best Commercial Electricians Brisbane has to offer, be sure to call us today and get a free quote from our highly experienced staff members. We provide speedy services all over the coast and our prices are extremely competitive to boot. Get in touch on our Contact Us page today!